Your Insides

About Me includes worksheets, sticker pages, and activities - all about the human body!

About Me (our first workbook) includes worksheets, sticker pages, and activities – all about the human body!

Project #1 – Nesting Body Systems

This week we’re learning about our insides. We’ve come up with a few teaching tools to help children visualize what’s under their skin. With our print-ables, you can easily assemble this set of tubes that “nest” inside each other.


First, print out our nesting body systems coloring sheets (found here under “Support Materials”) and cut out along the border lines.

Then, have your child color them and add facial features with colored pencils.


When she’s done, roll the first sheet into a tube, overlapping the edges about 1″. Secure with clear tape all along the vertical edge, folding the tape over both horizontal edges.


Now roll up the second page to fit squarely inside the first. Reach inside with a piece of tape to secure.


Pull this second tube out and tape all along the vertical edge, like with the first sheet. Repeat with the next two sheets.

Why we like it: There are  plenty of teaching opportunities with this craft! You can talk with your child about the functions of each layer while she is coloring. When you put the tubes together, you can teach her about how our systems are connected. The tubes have a stepped design so children can pull each layer up easily.



Project #2 – Body Outline

This popular activity is included in About Me, Lesson 11.

You need a large roll of drawing paper, washable markers, organ print-outs, and a glue stick.

Print out the Body Outline Activity, found on our website under “Support Materials”, onto separate sheets of colored paper. Assist your child in cutting these out.


Roll out and cut a length of paper the length of your child. Have your child lie down on the paper and, with a washable marker, draw an outline around her body. Have her glue the organ cut-outs into the correct positions on her outline.



Why we like it: Kids think it’s neat to put organs into their very own “body.” And you don’t have to just hang this poster on the wall – there are more learning activities to be done with the body outline in our workbook, About Me:

Use organ cut-outs for Lesson 11 in About Me

Use organ cut-outs for Lesson 11 in About Me