Your Hair is Fabulous!

This week's activity were inspired by Lesson 5 in our workbook About Me.

This week’s activities were inspired by Lesson 5 in our workbook About Me.

Hair doesn’t seem to have any apparent purpose, especially to young children. Here are some basic, important facts about hair that they can learn:

1. Hair is not alive. This is why it does not hurt to cut your hair. However, the root of the hair (in the follicle) IS alive, so it does hurt to pull your hair.


2. Hair provides warmth. For a polar bear, this is very important. For us, not so much. We put on clothes to stay warm. But try this: blow on someone’s arm, then on their head. Which one feels colder? The hairier you are, the warmer you will be.


3. Hair protects us. The hair in our noses, ears, and eyebrows (see post) keeps germs and other objects from getting into our bodies. Take a look at this photo:


This is a super close-up picture of a nose hair with mucous, pollen, and dead skin on it.

It reminded us of a household dust brush. Look at all the junk stuck to it!


4. Hair grows everywhere on the outside of your body, EXCEPT for the soles of your feet, the palms of your hands, and your lips. With good lighting, look very closely at the parts of your body where you think you have no hair – you will see that it’s there!



Some Hairy Activities Using…

1. Pipe Cleaners! – this hairy crafting material can show kids how hair catches dirt and dust. Pipe cleaners were originally used to clean out residue from tobacco pipes.

Cleaning a Pipe

We used pipe cleaners to decorate the Hair Worksheet from our workbook About Me. You can make it curly, straight, short, or long (you can cut pipe cleaners with scissors). We attached the hair onto the heads with two-sided tape.

hair2 hair3

Why we like it: Pipe cleaners have some resemblance to real hair and can demonstrate hair’s ability to capture unwanted bodily invaders. Children will be creative in coming up with their own hair styles.


2. Construction Paper – This activity is just for fun. You can make an easy “wig” out of construction paper.

Cut 15-20 long strips of paper. Cut a couple of strips wider than the rest (for the headband). You will need to tape these wide strips together to make one long band that will fit all the way around your child’s head. Using two-sided tape, attach the rest of the strips all along the circumference of the headband, leaving a gap for your child’s face.

DSC_3071 DSC_3072