Feeling Hands

This post was inspired by Lesson 3 in our workbook About Me.

Filled with fun activities, colorful illustrations, and inventive worksheets, About Me will excite your child to learn about the human body!

This week’s sensory project can be developed in many different ways. Come up with your own ideas!



Project #1 – Hand Cut-outs

1. Gather a variety of papers and materials that have an interesting feel. We chose corrugated cardboard, faux fur, foam, sparkly card stock, felt, and metallic scrapbooking paper.

2. Trace around your child’s hand onto card stock to make a template. (Reserve this template if you choose to complete project #3.) Use the template to trace the hand onto your papers and fabrics. Cut out each.



3. If you wish, this can be as far as you go with this project. You can punch a hole in each hand and string them together, or use a key ring to keep them attached. Your child will want to handle them as she learns words to describe how each feels.


Project #2 – Texture Cards

1. Write or type a describing word for each hand on pieces of card stock. Cut the card stock into smaller cards for easier handling. Glue the hands onto their corresponding cards.




The foam hand feels soft and squishy


Project #3 – Feeling Hands Book

1. To make a book, you will need a small cardboard box, such as one for cereal/granola bars. Cut the box to resemble a cover. Make sure you have cut the cover the same size as your hand cards.

2. Decorate the book cover – we used the reserved hand template for the front and covered the back with construction paper (using school glue).



3. Punch holes in the spine and on the cards, making sure they are aligned, like this:


3. Thread a piece of yarn or string through the holes and secure with a square knot:



Optional – we “laminated” our book cover with packaging tape to make it sturdier.





Why We Like It:  This is a cute project that your child can enjoy for quite a while. She learns that her hands are what she uses most when discovering what objects feel like. If you use bright and colorful materials, this project can be a highly visual experience as well. Teach your child new describing words while she feels each cut-out.

Lesson 3: Five Senses - includes activities, games, and worksheets!

Lesson 3: Five Senses – includes activities, games, and worksheets!