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All New Workbook!

my world cover art

Science experiments! Cool crafts! Coloring pages! My World is a child’s introduction to the exciting study of the physical world and how it works. Included are 17 lessons, 70+ activities, 32 worksheets, and 100+ stickers!


Lessons include:

  1. Sequences
  2. Forces
  3. Heavy & Light
  4. Energy
  5. Gas, Liquid, Solid
  6. Air
  7. Water
  8. Light
  9. Color
  10. Hot and Cold
  11. Weather
  12. Shapes
  13. Life
  14. Growing Up
  15. Layers
  16. Cycles
  17. Sound

Craft and activity supplies are common and inexpensive:


My World follows the same creative, colorful, and child-friendly format as About Me. Your child will love having his very own workbook and will look forward to science time with you!


Free Anatomy Printables


Use the following printables to accompany the body lessons found in About Me, a science workbook designed for small children.


Play Dough Anatomy Mat

bodymatcolor2 bodymatb&w

Use our free Anatomy Mat to make and position play dough organs! (comes in color and b&w)

  1. Print out the mat.
  2. If you want to re-use the mat, place it in a page protector or laminate it. Otherwise, tape it to a table.
  3. Break out the play dough and let your child have at it. You may want to provide an anatomy diagram (like the one below) for her to look at.
  4. Discuss the functions of the organs as your child creates them.

DSC_6355 DSC_6344 DSC_6327 DSC_6312


Free Anatomy Poster Diagram

Our free Anatomy Poster comes in 2 sizes: 8.5×11″ and 17×22″. Hang it on the wall during your human body unit!

About Me Is the perfect workbook to introduce your young child to human anatomy. Filled with fun crafts, activity ideas, stickers, and worksheets, your child will be excited to learn about her body and how it works!