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Activity ideas on the muscular system

Muscle Mania!

The following activities were inspired by Lesson 8 in our workbook, About Me.

The following activities were inspired by Lesson 8 in our workbook, About Me.

Play the following game with your child and teach him about the different muscle groups in his body.

Muscle Mania:

We made 6 cards using free clip art of various body parts. You can download here:


Print the cards out onto heavy card stock. Cut out and turn them face-down in a pile.

Have your child draw the top card, then roll a die.


Ask your child to find the corresponding body part on his body. Show him where his muscles are in that body part and have him feel them.


Feeling the hand muscles

Ask your child if he can think of an activity, action, or exercise using those muscles. Have him do an action with those muscles the number of times he rolled on the die. See if he can feel his muscles flexing as he does the action.

Power Punch!

Power Punch!

  1. Legs – bending up & down, jumping, kicking, skipping, walking, running
  2. Arms – lifting, pulling, reaching, punching, waving, hugging, washing, high fives
  3. Hands – squeezing, touching, patting, scratching, writing
  4. Feet – stretch the toes, lift up on tip-toes, tap foot
  5. Neck – shake head, nod head, chicken neck action, turn head side to side
  6. Stomach – sit ups, laughing, body twist

Repeat with the rest of the cards.

Why We Like It:

This fun activity makes your child more aware of his muscles and how they work by observing and feeling them. It also encourages your child think about which muscles he uses for common everyday activities.

A Handy Activity About Bones

About Me includes worksheets, sticker pages, and activities - all about the human body!

About Me includes worksheets, sticker pages, and activities – all about the human body!

This activity is super easy and goes perfectly with our workbook lessons #6 & #8.


You need a glove, flexible straws, and scissors.

Help your child cut five straws to fit inside the fingers of one glove. You will probably need to cut from both ends.

glove1 DSC_2875

Assist your child in sliding the straws into each finger, making sure the end with the flex goes in first.


Hold the straws in place at the bottom of the glove while your child feels and bends the fingers.


Why We Like It: It is sometimes difficult for a very young child to grasp what is under his skin. This activity can help him understand how bones form the structure of his hand. This is also a good opportunity to teach your child about joints.

Learn more ways to teach about the human body with our workbook, About Me.


Pilot Post – Muscles and Skin



At Our Time to Learn we love fiddling with educational activity ideas. This year we are going to explore crafts and activities associated with the human body, which, by the way, go along with lessons in our first workbook: About Me!

First workbook in our series, packed with stickers, worksheets, and educational activity ideas.

First workbook in our series, About Me, is packed with stickers, worksheets, and educational activity ideas.

Our first post is fairly simple. These ideas go well with Lessons 8 & 10 (Skin, Muscles) in the workbook:

Project #1 – Leg Roll


Make a model of a leg with bone, muscles, and skin. We took a not-quite-used-up paper towel roll and wrapped a dish towel around it. Then we measured and cut off a leg of panty-hose to use for the skin.

Why we like it: This craft helps children visualize the layers under their skin. It’s also a good representation of skin color and elasticity.


Project #2: Muscle Face Girl


Paint muscles on your child’s face with face paint! We used an image found on Science Photo Library as a guide. This version of face painting will get your kids some extra attention!

Why we like it: Kids love having their faces painted! And, again, this activity teaches children about something they can’t see: the muscles under their skin.

These activities go great with the lessons on muscles and skin in About Me. Check it out at!