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The Our Time to Learn workbook series was made especially for busy parents and caretakers like you, so that the one-on-one time you have with your child can be fun and meaningful. We have designed each lesson with exciting, ready-to-go activities that take little if any preparation!  You can read lessons verbatim (the text has been designed for little ears to understand), or you can mix and match activities within a lesson to your liking.  The colorful illustrations, bright photographs, and diversity of activities will definitely keep your little one engaged – and YOU will appreciate the ease of educating and entertaining your child!

Working on Lesson 1 "Family Tree" together


Working on a sticker page

Working on a sticker page

Other organizational aspects of our series make it easy to use. On the first page is a clear list of craft supplies you will need for ALL the activities, so you can be ready when your child wants some “workbook” time. Often, a craft that you’ve made for one lesson will be used again or developed in a subsequent lesson. Worksheets and stickers referenced in lessons are conveniently located in the back of the book. The suggested reading materials are selected not only for their educational and artistic value, but also for their availability in all national public libraries, as well as on  Preparing a lesson has never been easier!

Craft supplies list

Craft supplies list – you probably have most of these in your house already.

"About Me" - first workbook in the series that's all about the human body.

“About Me” – first workbook in the series – all about the human body.

The Our Time to Learn series is not only for individuals, but can also be beneficial to preschools, grade schools, daycare providers, nannies, home-schoolers, and home school co-ops. Try us out! Help your child(ren) develop a healthy curiosity and love of learning with Our Time to Learn!

Cate says, "

Cate says, “I like it because it’s fun and I do it with my mom.”


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